Centurylink Service Level Agreement

Due to civil unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, the telecommunications and data network, while still in service, does not operate at or near normal commercial parameters. The force majeure provision in the related agreements is in effect. Relational DB Service: CenturyLink offers 99.9% availability for all Relational DB Service instances and 99.99% availability for all replication instances. A service error occurs when a customer is unable to retrieve data due to hardware and/or software issues in CenturyLink`s control. Data consultation problems related to problems related to connection to the service, including, but not limited to problems on the internet, are not errors and are therefore not covered by this ALS. Domain Name Services: CenturyLink offers 100% availability for Domain Name Server (DNS) on the Dynect network. A DNA error PERIOD is at any time when 100% of Dynect domain name servers do not meet name resolution requirements. This ALS does not cover the transmission of DNS data over the Internet, hosting the secondary DNS service for the customer`s main domain on another site and area inaccuracies due to operator errors. Cloud Application Manager: CenturyLink offers 99.99% cloud Application Manager availability.

A Cloud Application Manager error occurs when a customer cannot access the Cloud Application Manager platform due to hardware and/or software issues in CenturyLink`s control. Access problems caused by service connection issues, including, but not limited, access or access and configuration issues managed by a non CenturyLink provider are not errors and are therefore not covered by this ALS. The customer receives a service credit for the period that begins when a ticket is deposited to request assistance to access the platform, and the access issue is verified by CenturyLink until services are restored. savvisdirect services based on a cloud computing architecture that combines enterprise class reliability with branded hardware. After a detailed national cloud survey, we found that the biggest customer concerns were security and reliability. For many cloud providers, if you leave your cloud server or if the cloud provider has a server problem, you may lose your server and data. What solution do these cloud providers offer? All you have to do is run multiple cloud servers. This architecture works well for organizations that want to start from scratch, but we don`t think customers should change the way they deliver and manage their applications when they work in the cloud. Our savvisdirect infrastructure includes high-availability features, including automated organ defect, fully redundant hosting (via our infrastructure, network hardware and storage equipment) and Enterprise-class storage networks to improve performance and reliability.

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