Articulation Agreement Mississippi

Mississippi colleges have a joint agreement with all four-year public colleges and universities in Mississippi and with Millsaps College. An articulation agreement is the agreement between two academic institutions for a transfer credit course to the partner institution proposed to an institution to be accepted. Joint agreements help students take appropriate courses at the community school, which are transferred for credits to a bachelor`s degree at a four-year university. The Mississippi Fitness and Transfer Tool (known as MATT) was created as a one-stop shop for transfer students, administrators, consultants and teachers. MATT was designed to facilitate the transition of students between the Mississippi Institute of Advanced Learning and community and university systems. MATT provides detailed and up-to-date information on study pathways and provides students with an optimized opportunity to access transfer agreements developed between public institutions in an accessible database. Matt allows students to compare current courses with equivalent courses at another university and to know how these courses meet the requirements of a particular subject. As such, the Mississippi Transfer Tool and Joints website contains the most fluid information: MATT funding is provided by USA Funds and the University Access Challenges Funding Program. MATT is managed by the Office of Academic and Student Affairs at the MS Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning. For more information on articulation and transfers, visit the MATT section of mywayMissippi.

It is important to choose courses with discernment. The Mississippi Joint Transfer Tool website was created to ensure that those seeking a transfer to a four-year public facility in Mississippi choose the right courses. It is important that community college students meet regularly with their Community College university advisor and refer to the articulation agreement when selecting community cure elections. The Mississippi Joint and Transfer Tool (opens in a new window) (known as MATT) was created as a one-stop shop for transfer students, administrators, consultants and teachers. Students can earn a bachelor`s degree by first going to a community school and then going to a four-year university. Community College students considering moving to a four-year university or university should be aware of the transfer needs that may apply in their particular circumstances or in their curriculum. These requirements vary depending on the ACT score, the preparation of the secondary school, the GPA in the high school and the individual transfer university. The transmission process is not much different from the first application process. The reverse transfer process is simple. Once you have completed at least one semester at university, ask the university to send your transcript back to the community school you attend.

Talk to the Registrar of the community school you attended and ask them to analyze your transcript with the credits you have obtained from both institutions to determine if you are eligible for an associate degree. Reverse transfer allows students who have moved from a community school to a public university with at least 16 transferable credits to transfer the credits they have earned at the four-year university to the community school.

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