Tenancy Agreement For Uk Visitor Visa

If your visit visa is denied, it is important to ask them to send you a copy of the refusal message and agree one for one with an advisor. In some cases, for example, if your visitor has already refused, we may offer a complete form and document verification service. If you are attending an appointment for the examination of the visit request, you must bring the registration data and copies of the documents described above. It may take more than 3 months before your landlord markets you if they decide to do so (for example. B for the violation of the rental agreement by making additional people live with you for so long). I think pr is a permanent resident. We recommend a minimum of £680 per month for the cost of living if your visitor stays with you. If they plan to stay in a hotel and/or make a lot of travel and shopping, this figure must be much higher, although there is no minimum amount set by the Ministry of the Interior. If you are helping to finance the trip, you must also present your bank statements (six months) and indicate that you are doing so in your invitation letter. Hello. My parents planned to visit Britain on a family visit visa.

My parents have already visited Britain three times, but it was almost 5 years earlier. I must indicate the planned days of stay, which would be in the visa application form for 5 months. My question is that the rental agreement I would file expires in two months. Thank you for the answer. My brother-in-law is a British citizen, and my sister did some stuff. In general, the lease is renewed every 6 months, but since my parents would stay a little longer, I`m not sure if the lease is a problem. If clarification on any aspect of the rules is needed or if you have any questions regarding your visa application, please send an email to the International Student Advisory Team in immigration@reading.ac.uk, where we will get back to you as soon as possible, by phone at +44 (0) 118 378 8038 or you can make an appointment to speak to an international study advisor. General information about applying for a visit visa If you are a Tier 4 student in the UK and would like to visit your family or friends, you must apply for a standard visit visa. proof that they are able to maintain and accommodate themselves during their stay. These can be hotel reservations or by a letter from you that confirms that you will host them during your stay. If you are renting accommodation, it is also a good idea to attach something from the owner that confirms that he/she is happy that he/she is staying with you for the relevant period.. .


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