Social Housing Residential Tenancy Agreement

About 75% of the 3 million rental homes in the Netherlands are owned by housing companies. These associations are responsible, inter alia, for the rental of social housing, defined as housing for which the initial monthly rent is below the rent limit of liberalized leases (private sector) (in Dutch); the current limit is €720.42 (2019). Each year, housing companies must rent 80% of their empty social housing to people whose income can reach €36,798 (2018) and 10% to people whose income is between €36,798 and €41,056 (2018). Associations can rent 10% of their social housing to higher-income households. `A dwelling rental agreement may not contain any provision which has the consequence that the lessee must use the services of a particular person or undertaking to fulfil one of the obligations of the lessee in the contract.` The Rent Tribunal (Huurcommissie) is an ADR: an alternative alternative dispute resolution service. It provides information, mediation and arbitration. It only deals with disputes concerning accommodation, rented rooms and caravans. It does not deal with harassment, housing allowance and commercial/office housing. In the Netherlands, social and private (non-subsidised) housing can be rented. The rules apply to both the tenant and the landlord. They cover rental security, rent, rent increase, maintenance, service fees, etc. Tenants of low-income social housing are entitled to housing allowance if their rent is relatively high.

I have been offered housing with a social housing provider and I am obliged to sign a lease with them as soon as possible. If you have a dispute with your tenant in Kāinga Ora (Housing NZ) or your communal housing provider – for example, if you are not satisfied with the answer to a problem you have raised – you can ask to speak to the team leader. You may need to get contact information from your tenant manager. Consider keeping copies of all letters and taking written notes of any conversations you have with the tenant and their supervisor. For more information on other temporary rentals, see (in Dutch). A lease is either firm or of indefinite duration. An agreement for a fixed period includes a deadline. Do you have a fixed-term rental contract of up to 2 years (for independent housing) or up to 5 years (for self-employed housing)? If the contract was concluded on July 1, 2016 or after July 1, 2016, your lease automatically expires on the end date of the contract. The owner must confirm this in writing for at least one month – but no later than 3 months – before the end of the rental. As a tenant, you can cancel your rental before the deadline. .

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