How Much Should A Tenancy Agreement Cost

Not all High Street rental agents charge a rent renewal fee. So rest assured, even in this snake-filled industry, there are still some good men/women standing tall. I was determined not to have an agent, even though the agent used by the sellers of my first home put in a lot of effort – including, as I later discovered, quite a bit of pressure on the tenant to try to convince me (seriously!) – to get me kept. I quickly understood why he was so sexy. What would you do? I rent below market value to a single mother who broke up with her husband. She`s not able to buy and she`s not sure where she wants to live in the long run, so it`s okay with both of us. As I said, she can move freely whenever she wants. What I`m going to say about rental fees is that the LA dictates the market value and then comes to you every year to install it, which I never do, so it`s partly their fault. .

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