Fuji Xerox Full Service Maintenance Agreement

All-in-one-price service for uncompromising quality assurance, excellent cost control and unparalleled customer engagement. Shorter machine downtime FSMA-Service reduces machine downtime due to a simple troubleshooting process. Offerings (RSO) RSO remote service helps customers solve problems immediately without waiting for CE`s visit A high-quality FSMA service guarantees output quality through the use of original parts. We specialize in the repair and processing of all Fuji Xerox copy models. We are also able to support Ricoh and Canon cameras. We are able to provide a non-binding error code over the phone. For more information, please contact us or arrange your ad hoc service via our online shop. For more information or to purchase these services, call 1-800-821-2797 or contact your Xerox affiliate on site. A customized online support website provides information, including device operating reports and diagnostic results, to help customers set up an efficient operational structure that runs smoothly. Customers can also request customer engineer services through the site. Fuji Xerox plans to cover other systems and offer new services as part of the remote production service. Your jeb Customer Service Engineer (CSE) not only repairs your devices, but also performs preventive maintenance work to minimize future failures.

You can provision our ad hoc copy service once or simply purchase a package to reduce costs and use sessions during the validity period. This is our most flexible service to date! Production printers are assets that have a direct impact on customers` businesses and need to operate reliably to be able to print documents when needed. Customers are therefore looking for reliability through regular professional maintenance, while image quality must be kept constant to ensure high print quality. There is also a significant need for practical information in order to further increase stability and efficiency. If your printer needs to be serviced or your printer needs to be repaired, our qualified technicians will immediately diagnose your printer, inform you of all the parts needed to repair your printer and, after consultation, repair your printer on site. Customers under maintenance contracts have priority for all service operations. A technician will come to your place of business the same day to repair and have your machine repaired with minimal downtime. What types of printers and photocopiers do you repair, expect and cover as part of your service and maintenance contracts? LasersCan repair and service and coverage A3 A4 Color Black and white Mono Multifunction printers Document scanners and fax. Note: All our machines are subject to authorization from LasersCan Business Equipment. Fuji Xerox makes available free of charge to customers who have registered for the printer support service, which is a maintenance contract for the main unit of production printing systems. If your requirements go beyond equipment maintenance and repair, we also offer network support and repair as well as enhanced technical support to improve all your office product requirements. Among the paid services are: our photocopying and printer maintenance service is perfect for people looking for a supplier that will extend the maintenance and life of their existing devices.

We offer a full service maintenance contract for photocopiers (FSMA) to meet your photocopying needs….

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