Voided Lease Agreement

A lease agreement may also be cancelled if one of the parties contracting it is a minor. For example, if a 16-year-old girl rents a house, she (and her parents) can confirm the lease and occupy the house, or she can refuse it and leave. Similarly, if a person signs a lease, if he is visibly drunk or under the influence of drugs, he is probably null and bad. If you would like more information about this update or if you have any questions, the Reed Smith Aviation team would like to discuss this with you. Please contact Partner Richard Hakes at rhakes@reedsmith.com or Ashleigh Stand, Partner, astanden@reedsmith.com. The rental agreements are a contract between the tenant and the landlord and describe the conditions of the rental of the property, z.B. when the rent must be paid and how much it is, who is responsible for the maintenance of the property and payment of repairs, etc. Each time you apply for a new apartment, it is very likely that you will need to sign a rental agreement before you can move into your new home. Most leases contain a clause expressly prohibiting sublease of any type, i.e. subletting is permitted only with the written consent of the owner. The penalty for subletting without the owner`s permission and therefore breach of contract varies depending on your exact circumstances and your landlord`s personal approach to the subject. A lease is a nullity if one of the parties did not know the true nature of all the elements until they had signed. Any type of fraud is sufficient to allow the deceitful party to exit the treaty if it wishes.

This party may refuse the contract if it is informed of the facts. For example, if a party rents a unit that will be subject to major construction work in the near future and the owner does not disclose it, the lease may be cancelled. Similarly, a pension contract that has been signed under threat or coercion is non-hazard. An extreme example is that if you sign a contract because they have a gun and they threaten to harm you, if you don`t, the contract is cancelled. The aircraft`s backers claimed to terminate the leases because of Azman Air Services` inability to accept delivery (and pay the first rent). When the owners claimed damages for breach of the lease, Azman Air Services` only physical defence was that the owners were not entitled to damages because the leases were null and fined because of a common error. This defence focused on the assertion that both sides expected final authorizations to be granted to the Hajj and Umrah air bridges. However, Azman Air Services agreed that the leases, if not cancelled for a common error, were contrary to the terms of the contract. with interest to LIBOR plus 10 per cent per annum.

As a result, it has been determined that the owners are entitled to more than $22 million in damages for breach of leases.

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