Streambed Alteration Agreement Fees

For the purpose of the notification of modification for creek beds or seabeds, the term “flow” includes all multi-year, volatile and intermittent streams. If CDFW finds that the proposed project does not significantly affect an existing resource for fish or wildlife, CDFW communicates its decision in writing to the developer. The project proponent can start without agreement with the project, provided that the developer executes the project as described in the notification and complies with all fish and wildlife resource protection measures. callus. Fish – Game Code Nr. 1602 (a) (4) (A) (i). If CDFW finds that the proposed project could significantly affect an existing resource for fish or wildlife, CDFW must issue a final draft agreement to the developer within 60 days. The draft final agreement should describe fish and wildlife that CDFW believes are likely to significantly affect the proposed project and contain all appropriate measures that CDFW deems necessary to protect the resources described. callus. Fish – Game Code Nr. 1602 (a) (4) (B), 1603 (a). If a project or final document of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) has already been prepared for the project, the developer must prove to the CDFW that the registration fee required by the CEQA was paid before CDFW continues its review of the proposed project.

CDFW is conducting a preliminary review of the developer`s information regarding The Streambed or Lakebed changes to determine if the notification is complete. callus. Fish – Game Code Nr. 1602 (a) (2). If necessary, CDFW may require a visit to the project site to ensure that the message conveyed describes the project in a complete and accurate manner. If the developer approves the safeguards contained in the draft contract, the developer must return a signed copy of the agreement to CDFW. If the developer and the CDFW are unable to reach mutual agreement on the necessary safeguards to protect and conserve fish and wildlife resources, the developer may request in writing the appointment of an arbitration committee to end the disagreement. If the developer does not respond within 90 days of receiving the draft contract, CDFW can withdraw the contract and ask the developer to resubmit notification of streambed or Lakebed changes.

CDFG 1603 (a). At the same time as notifying the Streambed or Lakebed change, the developer must submit payment for the applicable fees to CDFW.

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