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Ownership of tools or devices used Another indicator of a working relationship is whether the employer provides and manages the tools or equipment used. In a service contract, the employer generally provides the tools and equipment needed for the job. On the other hand, an independent contractor must generally provide his own equipment to provide the necessary services. Consideration should also be given to the person`s obligation to work exclusively for the employer. A working relationship is generally exclusive and a worker is expected to devote his time and attention during working hours to his work. An independent contractor would generally have more freedom in choosing the work he or she wants to do and can provide services to others. A service contract must include important terms of employment and essential clauses such as working time and volume of work. Whether a person is an independent worker or contractor is ultimately a question of fact. There is not a single final test that can be used to distinguish between a “service contract” and a “service contract.” On the contrary, the courts will consider a number of factors, such as: in early February, members of the Mountain House Community District Board of Directors stated in a standing position that they would continue to enter into contracts with the Tracy Rural Fire Protection District. Four days later, in a special late-night session, they voted in favour of a reversal. As a result, mountain House residents will see their service levels drop dramatically if the district enters into a contract with Camp Fire District, an undated online support provider (S ALS) this year. “Basically, we lost the contract, but the real losers are the people of Mountain House,” said Tony Perez, president of Tracy Firefighters, Local 3355, which represents Tracy Rural`s FPD and the city of Tracy. The decision to enter into a contract with French Camp ends a nearly three-year ordeal at Mountain House, in which a couple of hard-line district managers tried to reduce operating costs at the expense of public safety.

As part of the service agreement, the Tracy Rural FPD provided businesses with three engines and a support system that allowed 12 additional firefighters to be placed on site in eight and a half minutes. French Camp will provide two-headed non-SDRA engine companies and does not currently have mutual assistance agreements. “The level of service is not even close,” Perez said. Throughout the process, Local 3355 members worked to inform community members of the seriousness of the decline in service. Residents were so receptive that media coverage of the first board vote to continue to hate each other with Tracy Rural found that the decision led to “applause from a large number of spectators who are only in the standing room.” “We went around the municipality and went door-to-door to let residents know what the consequences would be,” Perez said.

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