Sbs Framework Agreements

The framework for legal inspections and rating assistance services (Hard FM) includes the annual program of legal inspections and the provision of a full service, including, but not limited, to tariff reviews and interest rate assessments. This framework offers potential savings of 5-10%. The Building Management System (Hard FM) provides discounts, facilities and capital teams with a pathway in line with the real estate services management market, connecting both SMEs and national suppliers. This framework has a potential savings of 5 to 15%. The framework for respiratory therapy – appliances and consumables provides services for; sleep apnea asthma and COPD assistance; smoking cessation To support respiratory therapy, the provision of managed services and home delivery. This framework offers a potential savings of 6%. Like other framework agreements managed by NHS SBS, Consult 18 – Multidisciplinary Advisory Services is open to all public sector authorities. SBS currently has more than 80 core members and 700 associate members of NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities, Further Education Colleges and Universities, Academies, Housing Associations, Blue Light Organisations, Museums, Prisons, Transportation Organizations and many more. This framework is free for all public bodies. If you have any questions about our framework agreements, including inclusion in an NHS SBS framework provider, please visit our FAQs Framework.

The Vehicle Lease and Hire (Vehicle Solutions) framework allows authorities to purchase a selection of vehicles, including, but not only: cars, vans, ambulances and minibuses via a variety of rental and rental options. This framework offers a potential savings of 5%. The Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition and Outsourced Transcription Framework is available free of charge to all public sector organizations and offers a consistent way to obtain a wide range of digital transcription solutions and services. These include digital diktats, voice recognition and outsourced transcription services. The framework optimizes the document management process and can enable seamless integration with existing IT systems across the NHS and the wider public sector. The research and evaluation framework expires on July 16, 2020. The UK SBS will not replace the research and evaluation framework at its end. All in-flight purchase flights must be entered into with counter-contracts by July 16, 2020. Contracts may exceed the end date of the framework, as long as they are signed before July 16, 2020. The framework for endosurgery and women`s health covers women`s health and laparoscopic instruments. The majority of suppliers offer savings in their ranges. This framework offers a potential savings of 2%.

The Park Park management and Infrastructure (CPMI) car framework provides the NHS and the public sector with a comprehensive solution for all parking needs; from construction to complete management, ANPR, barrier and more. This framework has a savings potential of 5%. The Energy Bureau service, which is available in this context, offers NHS Trusts, councils, universities, emergency services and other public sector agencies the opportunity to reduce the internal management of electricity bill processing and verification.

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