Loan Note Purchase Agreement

iii) denunciation of rights. All rights to this note end with the issuance of Conversion Securities to the registered holder with the conversion of the Amount note, whether or not that note has been issued and whether or not all rights to purchase shares, investors153, co-sale, voting or other agreements have been executed by registered holders. Notwithstanding the above, the registration holder agrees to provide this notification to the company for cancellation as soon as possible after the note has been converted. The registered holder is not entitled to obtain the certificate of stock subscription and/or other instruments representing the Securities Conversions that will be issued upon the conversion of this note, until the original of this note is returned to the company or until the loss certificate is made and made available to the Company and the agreements covered in this Section 2 have been executed and delivered to the Company. None of the company`s business secrets153s were disclosed to anyone other than (i) the staff, the representative and representative of the company, (ii) in accordance with the requirements for submissions to a government authority, (iii) where disclosure to an individual is subject to the provisions contained in the confidentiality, advisory, licensing or other confidentiality agreements entered into by the company, or (iv) with respect to discussions with possible sources of financing for the company subject to the usual confidentiality agreements. “debt” any person, (a) all obligations of that person for the money borrowed (including, but not limited to repayment and any other obligations relating to bond obligations, letters of credit and banks153, whether due), (b) all of that person`s obligations, which are justified by bonds, bonds, bonds or similar instruments; (c) all of that person`s commitments to pay the latent purchase price of real estate or services; with the exception of commercial accounts and accumulated commercial or commercial liabilities resulting from the ordinary transaction, (d) all interest rate and exchange rate swaps, caps, caps and similar collateral arrangements under which payments must be made, periodically or after an eventuality, by that person; (e) any debt resulting from a conditional sale or other property guarantee contract that was acquired by that person, was born or born (even if the rights and remedies of the seller or lender under such an agreement are limited to the withdrawal or sale of these assets in the event of a delay), (f) all the obligations of that person under the leases, which, in accordance with GAAP, is recorded as a credit lease and (g) all links (except for the links in favour of the lenders under the lease agreements included in the clause (f) for all real estate or assets held or held by that person , regardless of whether the secured debt was taken care of by that person or did not use that person`s credit. The sale and purchase of debt securities (closing) is done in the offices of Husch Blackwell LLP in 1620 Dodge Street, Suite 2100, Omaha, Nebraska 68102, at 10:00 a.m. .m., local time, December 30, 2011 or other date, the place and date on which the company and purchasers can give their written consent (the “end date”). On the reference date, after receipt of the purchase price by the company, the company delivers to the company, by or on behalf of any purchaser, the obligations acquired by each buyer, by authenticated cheque or by transfer of funds immediately available to an account established in writing by the company.

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